A make-up artist who is asked for by name, Samantha has proven time and again that a steadfast commitment and understanding of the media business, combined with a dedication to constant learning is the key to continued success and remaining at the cutting edge of an ever changing industry.

When Samantha decided to pursue a career as a make-up artist, she threw herself into her studies with incredible passion. She graduated from Nouveauté école de maquillage Ottawa and went on to complete the Theatre Ontario summer program. Knowing that this was only a starting place, she went on to complete the yearlong Forum Internationale de Maquillage Paris.

With extensive training, education and experience, Sam left Paris and returned to Ottawa, and quickly proved herself to be one of the few make up artist in the area with such a dedication to her art.

her work has spanned
every genre and media

Since then, her work has spanned every genre and media, including feature films, TV series, music videos, commercials, VIP public appearances, print, corporate campaigns, government videos, and everything in between.

During that 25 year career, her clients have included Jean Beliveau, Bruce Campbell, Rick Mercer, Paul McCartney, Kathleen Edwards, Annebeth Gish, Missi Pyle, Jayne Eastwood, Sheila McCarthy, Jessica Pare, Samantha Bee, Adam Beech, Lou Diamond Phillips, Nina Dobrev, George Stroumboulopoulos, Rob Morrow, Janeane Garofalo,Tori Spelling and Kelly McGillis to name but a few. Regardless of fame, she treats everyone in her chair and on set with the same amount of respect and perfectionism.

Samantha’s extensive experience means she works as a team player, always understanding the bigger, creative scope of all projects.

She works closely with all of the creative leaders on every project she touches, to ensure that their vision is fully realized, earning her a reputation of someone who moves far beyond the realm of simply make-up. Easily collaborating with Directors, Creative Directors, ADs, and all of the department heads, Samantha has established herself as an artist that always brings value, no matter how small or big the scope of the work. And she has accomplished this under the familiar constraints of tight deadlines, impossible budgets, challenging locations and often unpredictable timelines and schedules.

Technically savvy, she knows the importance of approaching each new script strategically, keeping all departments on the radar, with continuity always part of the equation. At the end of the day, with all of the on-set madness, make-up will make sense, if nothing else does.

During her 25 years in the industry, Samantha has constantly endeavoured to remain a leader in her profession. In 1999, she went to Toronto to study the new age of make up as the industry shifted from film and video to HD, and she prepared to work on the first Canadian TV series to be shot using this new technology. And her learning continues.

This year, she made her way south for the Focused MakeupTechniques workshop at CHICSTUDIOS NYC and went on to Atlanta attending Maquillage Makeup Academy for workshops on bald cap, facial hair, aging SFX, all in order to strengthen her craft.

Her ongoing training and dedication has proven that her make-up and hair skills extend far beyond the pretty, proven by her SFX work on Motel Monstre, Tell the World, Le Rêve de Champlain and Eddie the Sleep Walking Cannibal.

Samantha’s creativity and positive energy has always combined with her meticulous approaches and applications to produce the best looking talent, here and abroad. Embracing the unique challenges of this business,

Samantha has proven many times over that she always brings your project to a higher level.

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