To selfie or not to selfie

We live in an excellent universe of self promotion. With all the social media tools it’s hard not to keep your clients and contacts abreast of what we are up too. Shamelessly. I struggle with this. Perhaps I long for the days when it was your work and word of mouth that secured the gig. If you don’t post something do people think you no longer work or you’ve fallen off this planet? It’s usually easy for me, I’ve signed a non disclosure and can’t tell anyone who or what I’m working on. But then there are the times when it’s perfectly fine and I have to ask, “Can I take a selfie?” Hardest words spoken by this shy shutterbug. Do they want their picture taken? I wonder. It is something I’m working on. Sam Also working on making it upright....

Sir Paul

I am asked often "Who is the most famous person you've made up?"

There is a list on this web site and it feels very braggy. 

I've made up some very cool people doing amazing things and they walk amongst us. Celebrate them!

This is one of those surreal experiences so I'll share.

I was asked in the summer of 2013 if I would be part of a small crew interviewing Sir Paul McCartney, um let me think, hells yes!

I arrived early, for those who know me that's no surprise. On this day it did not serve me well. His back stage crew was uncomfortable with me hanging around the halls waiting for my group, so they put me in the wardrobe room.  I had been officially kidnapped by his loyal costumers. I did get some tidbits of info from them, like his dislike of powder. Noted.

He was running late and we would only have 10 minutes of his time. He may or may not want makeup, I was there just in case.

He walked into the room with his entourage. Not diva at all. I think they just make sure we're not amateurs and that the lighting will be flattering. Remember he is a 70 year old man. Not just a rock star. 

My services were offered and he said sure.  Flanked by his security detail I was escorted to his room. Most of these places are concrete bunkers but his had been decorated into a relaxing sanctuary. Behind a curtained area was his primping station. Lined up were an assortment of products ranging from hair pomade to tylenol. He likes his hair to look tosseled.

I draped my butterfly cape over him, which he loved. Thought it could add something to his show. He was friendly and chatty. I couldn't tell you what was said I was so nervous.  I made him up lightly, as is my way and no powder. Check!

After the interview I offered a makeup wipe, but he said he would keep it on for the show. Best compliment ever.

We weren't allowed to take pictures but the interviewer got one.


Setting the alarm

I love my sleep, and I'm really good at it. But if I have to be up earlier than usual or we are filming nights I spiral into the hours asleep vs hours awake math. It never adds up in my favour.

The upside is that most contracts are short term. This isn't a forever alarm setting.

It is magical to be driving to set when most are fast asleep, or perhaps just coming home from the bar. Remember those days? Or crawling into bed as the neighbours drive their kids to school.

It does play havoc with body, you end up eating more, drinking too much caffeine and having that buzzy overall feeling. I thinks it's a way of keeping all the body parts moving that prevents the mid shoot "I need a nap " and we just power through.

Tomorrow I'll be starting at 3:30 am, but it's only for one day. The days can be long in this industry. What I know for sure after many years, the day does have to end. If you're lucky and don't have too early a start, you can also have a glass of wine.

So, if I want 7 hrs, I need to be in bed by 7:15pm. Yup, that's not going to happen. I'm screwed.




Welcome to my new website.  I've been procrastinating about re doing this for a while. Life has a tendency to get in the way.  It was only when a couple of new clients couldn't access the old one. Myself included, that I was spurred on to act.  Who knew that a lot of people don't have flash? Just me? 

A big thankyou goes out to all those I contacted over the last few months that dug through their files to send professional photos and videos. 

When I was looking through my archives I realized that most of my content comes from "on set" pictures.  Which although appropriate for tracking continuity are less then great for this pretty website.

I will be able to update at whim. Post on the blog forum, and all those pics I have of behind the scenes now have a place.  I will try to keep it fun and share some of the stories.


Thanks for tuning in.




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